Women at John Holland

John Holland is a workplace where women thrive. We are committed to levelling the playing field for our employees.

Women excel in a huge range of roles within our business, from carpenters and finance professionals to Project Directors and Executives鈥nd everything in between.

Our CEO, Joe Barr, is passionate about ensuring that John Holland is an inclusive place for women to work. He is a public supporter of women鈥檚 career development and growth as well as a Pay Equity Ambassador.

Supporting women

  • We were the first construction company to implement a paid parental leave scheme and are continuously refining this to ensure it meets the needs of our people.
  • We annually review our like-for-like gender pay gap.
  • We were one of the first companies in Australia to explicitly make full parental leave entitlements available to employees who experience a stillbirth.
  • We have an active internal Women鈥檚 Network at John Holland, that celebrates and supports women in our business.

Our initiatives

  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Paid Parental Leave at full salary for primary carer (not including government-funded parental leave) - 13 weeks + 5 week return to work bonus
  • Continuation of superannuation payments whilst on paid Parental Leave
  • Leadership development programs and mentoring opportunities targeted at women